Background Checks

Global Investigations Group, LLC is a full service private investigation agency, we also specialize in background checks and process serving. 

Note: We have done undercover investigations for clients regarding pre-employment checks by temp agencies. 8 out of 10 agencies never completed backgrounds on the employee, even if they claim they did.

You really don’t know the caliber of the person you are hiring or using as a temp. Our background checks extend 5 -20 years, include all employment, credit, driving, federal, state county local backgrounds. You let us know what you want and we will get it done.

Any deviations are noted and used as part of a scoring curriculum. Scoring can determine whether to hire or not to hire.

The professional investigation services customized for you:

  • Full Employment Background Checks -- Most basic to the extreme
  • Pre-Employment
  • Post Employment – every 6 months or annually
  • Drug Screening Available
  • Witness Evaluation
  • Fact Checking
  • High Security or Sensitive Position Checks
  • Licensing

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